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Glenn Snelwar Interview

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MessagePosté le: 16/07/2006 14:05:59    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant

Chaos-Music: Hi Mr. Glenn how are you doing? How are things in "At War With Self" at the moment?

Things are just finishing up with the second disc, Acts of God. The writing process for this disc had started before Torn Between Dimensions came out, and it’s been primarily collaboration between myself and Damon Trotta, who’s covering the bass, synths, vocals on some of the tracks, as well as some additional instrumentation like resonator guitar and digideroo. He’s also taking care of the production and engineering of the disc as well. Similar to the last disc, I’m playing electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins and synths/string section programming. We also have a lot of guest musicians contributing guitars, drums, synths and vocals. We’re hoping to release the disc by the end of the summer, but we still have some details to work out. All the tracks have been mixed, and the mastering and artwork are in progress. I have a lot of information on my site about the new disc (, including clips of some tracks. The main difference is that vocals are on the majority of these tracks, and Damon and I have been fortunate to get some really talented people to play on them. The disc will also be released on Damon’s start-up label, Sluggo’s Goon Music ( – the other musicians on Acts of God are involved with their own projects on the label, so we’ve been able to spend a lot of time collaborating on the writing, and getting a lot of other talented people contributing to the songs without any time constraints.

Chaos-Music: Can you give us a short picture of “At World With Self”?

This new disc has a completely different line-up from the first one. Because of that it has a different set of influences brought into the tracks by the other musicians. Having said that, the overall concept behind Torn Between Dimensions and Acts of God, has been to try to combine as many influences as possible into songs that work well – it’s not done for shock value. If there’s a specific instrument or part in a song that is distracting from the rest of the song at any point, and doesn’t support the composition, it gets omitted. I wrote the songs on Torn Between Dimensions using the same approach. So even though the musicians and set of influences are different and the new disc has a lot of vocals, the same approach was used for the compositions on both discs.

The most important reason for the line-up change and diversion from a trio format for this disc was to create a new sound. I didn’t want to create Torn Between Dimensions Part II. There is still a lot of layering of electric and acoustic guitar parts, which people will recognize as a constant theme in most of my recording work. The first disc had a really intimate, sort of organic feel to it. Michael and Mark contributed their ideas for parts, but by the time they had received the tracks, the compositions were more or less completed. So the tracks on the first disc were mainly my vision. By having an equal collaboration in the writing process with Damon, this new disc has a whole different vibe to it. The cool thing is that similarly to the first disc, the tracks came together to form a loose ‘concept’ album, and there’s definitely a story line. Everything about the songs – from the way the individual instruments and sections were arranged within each one, to the order throughout the CD, the song titles, the artwork – was done very purposefully. I think that the addition of vocals to tell the story helps with the conceptualization of the ideas.

Chaos-Music: Let's talk a little bit about the name of the band... How would you interpret it and to what does it refer?

At War With Self is a phrase that can be interpreted many ways. To me, it seems perfect to describe the competing elements in the compositions - more specifically, the contrast of instruments and interweaving of parts that I like to use within each song. The songs on Torn and Acts of God when taken as a group, try to convey a wide range and contrast of emotions. So it can also be thought of as a descriptor for the overall theme of how the writing is approached, to capture the range of emotions we’re going for. Damon and I both like to be spontaneous in creating ideas. If something is inspired and not over- rehearsed or thought about it has an essence to it that is indescribable. I don’t like to sit down and force myself to write. For me, creativity has to come from intuition, not a conscious effort. By not focusing on any particular aspect musically or technically, the emotions can come through the instrument instead of rules or foundations that can be relied on to start the writing process. Damon and I like to throw all that away and just try to write something that captures the essence of whatever emotion we’re going for with a song. A good example of this is a song called Refugee – we were doing some recording days after Hurricane Katrina hit here in the states, and the slide guitar part as the main beginning theme was recorded while writing it, not after rehearsing it, to capture the spontaneity of it. As a result, the part sounds raw and technically imperfect at times, but to have done it otherwise would have taken something away from it. I used the same approach for Torn Between Dimensions. To me, some parts are better left untouched once they’re realized.

Chaos-Music: What are your main influences And your fave metal CDs until now?

I like to listen to everything from Death Metal to Classical and Bluegrass, so that’s a tough question. I used to listen to metal more than anything else in my teens, and a lot of bands had a huge influence on me – Voivod, and Piggy’s guitar playing had an indescribable impact on me. I can’t think of how many times I’ve listened to Nothingface, Dimension Hatross and Killing Technology – never get tired of them. Some others would be Slayer (Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood), Celtic Frost (To Mega Therion), Exodus – Bonded By Blood, Anthrax – Spreading the Disease, Megadeth (Killing is my Business…), Metallica (Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets), Watchtower (Control and Resistance), Coroner, Nuclear Assault. First influences would be any and all Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath. Some ‘newer’ metal/experimental bands I like are Meshuggah, Tool, Opeth, King’s X (everything they’ve done), Queens of the Stone Age, and a lot of experimental stuff like Don Caballero (not really metal but intense!), Univers Zero, Dysrhythmia, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Thinking Plague, to name a few – anything that sounds truly inspired and intense, I like. Anything that sounds too sterile and forced, I tend to turn away from.

Chaos-Music: When did you decide to be a musician? Why did you become a guitarist? How and when did you get in touch with the Metal scene?

I started playing guitar when I was 12, and just gravitated towards it naturally. I was always listening to the radio when I was little, and would listen to Zeppelin and Aerosmith and have the guitars stuck in my head all the time. I thought the sound of the electric guitar was the coolest thing and that’s why I began playing. Walk This Way and Last Child (Aerosmith) were the first songs I learned on the guitar. I think I started listening to metal at an early age (9-10 yrs. old), because my parents subjected me to so much easy listening and big band music that I sought out the heaviest stuff around to get as far away from all that as I could. Then when Ride the Lightning and Reign in Blood came out (I’d been playing for a couple of years), I put those records on and learned every rhythm part – I didn’t focus on the solos as much as the heaviness of the rhythm guitars and how the parts linked together so well from one section to the next. Those two records were huge influences. Then I heard Dimension Hatross and that blew me away. When Damon Trotta and I were in our teens we were in a trio that was doing heavy progressive metal, very much influenced by Voivod, DBC and Slayer, as well as a lot of hardcore like the Cromags, Youth of Today and DRI, playing shows where we’d cover most of the Reign in Blood album, that sort of stuff. We were into the raw power of what those bands were doing, and not necessarily the technical aspect of things. We wanted to be technically complex like Yes or ELP, but sound like Slayer – we had never heard King Crimson until after the band broke up, but I remember hearing Lark’s Tongues in Aspic for the first time shortly afterwards, thinking, “this is what we were TRYING to be, we just didn’t realize it”.

Chaos-Music: What kind of guitars and amplifiers did you / do you use?

Parker electics, Fender steel string acoustics, and I’ve used the same Alvarez classical ever since I started playing classical guitar (early 90’s). For amps, I have an old ADA MP-1 pre-amp and power amp for live stuff and practice sessions, but I tend to use a lot of the Line 6 modeling gear for recording – it gives a variety of tones, which is great for what I’m tying to achieve with the At War With Self songs.

Chaos-Music: Who were / are your favorite guitarists?

Denis D'amour (Piggy), Voivod- some of the saddest news was to hear of his passing last year. He was the most innovative, creative guitarist and I can’t wait to hear their new disc just to be able to hear more of his playing. Some other huge influences – Robert Fripp, Ty Tabor, Jimmy Page, Julian Bream, John Williams, Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Herring, Michael Hedges, Shawn Lane. The list could be a page long.

Chaos-Music: Are you a family man? How many children do you have? What do you do in your free time?

I’m married and we are expecting our first child this year. Music is not what I do to support my family - I have a day job as a chemist, and have biology and chemistry degrees. Even during school, I was frustrated (at war with self – another reason for the title) with trying to balance science and music. My free time is spent as much as possible on music – whether it’s coming up with ideas, practicing the piano, mandolin or guitar (still feel like there’s not enough time for that!) I do feel that there is never enough time to get done everything that I would like- I could easily spend days on end writing and playing, but unfortunately this kind of music doesn’t pay the bills.

Chaos-Music: Are you still in touch with Mr. Sean Malone?

No - the last time I talked with Sean he had a pretty hectic schedule balancing his teaching, book writing in addition to GK and contributions to other projects. He was actually the first person lined up to play bass on Torn Between Dimensions. We had a conversation about it, and in the end we decided it would be best to disassociate At War With Self from Gordian Knot as much as possible, since what we do could be considered ‘similar’ to a lot of people.

Chaos-Music: I would like you to comment on all "At War With Self" releases ("Torn Between Dimensions"...and The next record "Acts Of God"). I'm interesting in what you think, respectively what's your opinion about the songs, covers, lyrics, sound etc. ....

Okay, I’ll start with Torn first. I think that the CD captured pretty accurately the range of emotions I was going for when I was writing the songs. Michael and Mark added so much to those songs by bringing to them their unique styles. The overall sound is something I’m really happy with, and a lot of that has to do with their performances. I think everything came together really nicely – The artwork fit well, and Travis Smith came up with great ideas for the cover.
For Acts of God, the writing process was much different, and Damon and I worked together from the start on coming up with different ideas. He would come up with a cool bass part or a drum loop, or we’d start with an idea on the guitar. Then we’d build the songs by trading ideas back and forth. We ended up with more songs than what will be on the disc, even resurrecting some of the old prog metal stuff we were doing 20 years ago – some of the tracks sound like what we would have done if we had the technology back then. I do want to emphasize that this is not really a metal album though- it has elements of metal in a lot of the tracks, but there’s just as much progressive, electronic, classical and funk influence as there is metal. The overall approach was similar to Torn – in that there’s a lot going on in every song, lots of dense layers of instrumentation. Overall it’s less ‘intimate’ sounding than Torn, since the songs were trying to capture emotions that were brought on by external events, and not inner turmoil like some of the songs on Torn were spawn from. I would say that when the songs are heavy, they’re heavier than on Torn – but there’s also more mellow songs on Acts of God as well – the overall sound is more raw to me, more aggressive and the contrast between songs a little more intense with this one. The idea of the concept for Acts of God came together as the collaboration continued between Damon and I – we’ve always wanted to do a record together, and we had started working on songs just after Torn had been released. It seemed like every time a major world event was occurring we’d be influenced by it – so songs like End in Blue, Refugee, 911 and Martyr have a lot of emotions that try to convey our reactions to watching events like the Tsunami, hurricanes and various acts of terrorism unfold on the news. The songs are laid out in the order the events happened, so to us it plays out like a soundtrack to world events in chronological order. To capture the world music aspect, there’s a lot of different instrumentation on this one as well, a lot of percussion and electronic stuff that wasn’t as prevalent on the first disc, like digideroo and steel drums.
The group of additional musicians (Mark Sunshine – vocals, James vonBuelow – guitar, Steve Decker – drums, Dave Archer – synths) really made everything come together. They all are part of different projects that will be released on Damon’s label. James actually wrote two of the tracks on Acts of God, and one of them has been done with a different arrangement for his project Von Garcia. He’s got a beautiful, fluid style to his guitar playing and after recording parts for his project earlier in the year, Damon and I were eager to get him to play on the disc. Mark Sunshine was in a band with Damon years ago. His vocals are perfect for the songs we decided to have him on, and they really brought the songs to another level. Steve Decker’s an insane drummer – he normally plays funk and jazz (I don’t think he’s into a lot of heavy stuff) but you couldn’t tell from some of the tracks he laid down, they’re that intense. He’s also on the Von Garcia disc. Finally, Dave Archer has an instrumental trio on Damon’s label as well, and he came in at the last minute to add some interesting, crazy synth parts to some of the songs. I’ve heard some of his band’s stuff, and it’s intense to say the least – sort of like Medeski, Martin and Wood colliding with King Crimson. They all have pretty diverse backgrounds, and to have them all bring their influences into the songs and make them work so well was something that just happened naturally, it’s hard to describe. It was a similar feeling after hearing the songs on Torn for the first time with Michael and Mark contributing. The project took on a life of it’s own after getting all the other musicians involved, and the end result is something that Damon and I can’t wait for people to hear.

Chaos-Music: What was the reason to release the 3 tracks Demo Record before you joined Gordian Knot ? How did you come up with such a strange sound as a result?

I recorded the Reflections demo after being in a variety of bands. I was also in school, busy with studying and working, and decided to try some recording on my own – I had some specific ideas in my head that I felt would be easier to get into form if I tried them on my own. I had gotten serious about classical guitar and was playing almost all acoustic after starting classical lessons. I was still listening to heavier music as well, and wanted to combine the two styles within the same compositions. So I started layering classical guitars over heavy rhythm tracks, and the end result was the Reflections demo. When I first heard some of Villa-Lobos and Brouwer studies on the guitar, the darkness and dissonance of some of their pieces really made me think that the intensity in them could be combined with the intensity of the heavier music I was influenced by as well, to create something unique.

Chaos-Music: What Was your feeling in Gordian Knot by playing with such members like Sean Reinert , Trey Gunn..?

It was quite an experience. I had gotten in contact with Sean by getting the Reflections demo to him. I liked what Sean was doing with Cynic. He and Sean Reinert both liked the demo, and asked me if I wanted to form a trio and start writing together. Jason Gobel was even brought into the project for a short time, and it was great to come up with two guitar parts with him for some early versions of those songs. The early practice sessions before Sean’s conception of GK, where we came up with Shaman’s, Singularity and River’s Dancing – to play those songs live as compared to sitting in a studio with headphones on, recording the parts one at a time - there’s just no comparison in the energy level between the two. I miss those practice sessions. It was a great opportunity to have a chance to be on the first GK CD, with people that I had listened to for quite a while- I always liked Ron Jarzombek’s and Trey Gunn’s playing as well– and it was sort of surreal to hear my classical guitar parts intertwined with theirs.

Chaos-Music: Which label originally put out "Torn Between Dimensions"?

The Laser’s Edge released Torn Between Dimensions on their Free Electric Sound label, and Ken Golden (the owner) was responsible for getting Michael and Mark to play on it.

Chaos-Music: Who produced and engineered "Torn Between Dimensions"?

Vic Stevens, who’s also the drummer for McGill/Manring/Stevens. Vic did a great job and had the difficult task of mixing the disc in a short time frame. Those songs were all very dense and have so many layers, Vic could have easily spent several days on each song. The entire disc was done in 3 days. Bob Katz had done the mastering. In contrast, being on Damon’s new label and recording and mixing at Damon’s studio is allowing us a lot of flexibility and taking our time, which we feel will make the disc sound the best it can.

Chaos-Music: What actually happened after the release of "Torn Between Dimensions"?

There were quite a few interviews and reviews for the CD that came out immediately following the release. As far as live shows go, the option for doing a tour just wasn’t there. From what I understand the CD didn’t sell very well, despite a lot of positive reviews it had gotten immediately after it’s release. That’s partly the reason why Acts of God is being released on Damon’s label that he’s starting up (Sluggo’s Goon Music, The other musicians that are on Acts of God all have their own projects on his label as well, some really interesting music. The different projects cover all kinds of different styles, but the main idea is that it’s all pretty innovative, creative music. I’m hoping that for this disc the option of playing out will be a reality, at least to do a limited number of shows.

Chaos-Music: My favorite tracks on "Torn Between Dimensions" are 'The God Interface' and 'A Gap In The Stream Of Mind Part One'. Which ones do you prefer and why?

That’s a tough question, I understand everyone has their favorite songs. For me, the songs I feel best about are the ones that were written a long time ago, and have finally been recorded and people around the world are just now listening to them. That’s the best feeling – songs like The God Interface, Torn Between Dimensions and Coming Home were written 10-15 years ago, and were going to be the follow-up to the Reflections demo, which was what I was working on just before my involvement with Gordian Knot.

Chaos-Music: What about your relationship with other metal bands from USA?

Hmmm. I have to admit I’m somewhat of a recluse. My day job and lack of touring at present don’t afford too many opportunities to meet with too many other musicians and bands. I do contact bands that I like to listen to, and if I pick up a disc I really like I’ll try to get in touch just to say hello. I also try to catch whatever shows come through my area . I recently saw Porcupine Tree where they were filming their DVD, which was a great show.

Chaos-Music: How about live shows? With which bands did you play? Have you ever played outside the country?

Live shows are something I love to do, and I hope that the opportunity is there after this CD is released for some shows to happen. I had asked The Laser’s Edge early in the year about the possibility of doing a live set for At War With Self for Nearfest this year, but unfortunately their roster was full. I knew Michael was doing a solo set there, and that could have been a good opportunity. I had been in a variety of bands here in the states, in New York and then in Florida prior to my contributions to GK. It basically comes down to monetary backing – with Torn, apparently the sales could not justify live shows. I’d gladly use my vacation time from my day job to go off and do a short tour. I’ve never played outside the U.S. but if I ever get the chance I’ll be excited to do it.

Chaos-Music: Which shows have marked your mind the most?

There’ve been quite a few – a broad range: seeing Testament and Slayer in ’86 on the Reign in Blood tour, Soundgarden opening for Voivod. For non-metal – King Crimson on the Thrak tour, and most recently, Nickel Creek (bluegrass) –I go to see them as often as I can. I like seeing a lot of guitar players as well – I’ve seen Derek Trucks, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Frisell and Scott Henderson live and their shows were all inspiring.

Chaos-Music: What's your opinion about the current american scene? Are there some americain bands that caught your attention?

I listen to a lot of different music, but the one thing I think is common to all the styles with the scene here (and probably everywhere) is that there are a lot of great bands that just don’t get recognized, and there’s a lot of shit that gets pushed and I can’t figure it out – don’t think I ever will. Every once in while I’ll hear about a band that has been around a while, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of them. It’s mostly word of mouth here for the progressive music. There are a lot of great bands here in the states, too many to mention. Again, the list could go on and on.

Chaos-Music: What are your main plans ? Are there any Projects in the near future?

After Acts of God is out, I really hope that some live shows can be arranged. It will depend on how well the disc does, since it’s on a start-up label. I’m already working with a great drummer from the Netherlands, Manfred Dikkers, on some new material. I’m not sure if it will be for a solo disc, or if it will fall under the next At War With Self project. I did some guitar and mandolin work earlier this year for James’s project, Von Garcia. Also, I could envision working with Damon and the collective of musicians from Sluggo’s again – they’re all very talented creative and easy to work with, and I would love to do another project with them. I ignored writing music for a long time (in between Gordian Knot and At War With Self), and I don’t intend on letting that happen again. I’ll keep putting out discs and hopefully there will be enough of a fan base to tour in the near future.

Chaos-Music: These last words are yours,Thank you so much for taking the time to answer us. We appreciate that. So what do you want to say to the readers of this precious interview?

I think I’ve said enough! Thanks for listening, hopefully I’ll eventually see you on the road.


At War With Self - Acts of God 2007

At War With Self - Torn Between Dimensions 2005

Gordian Knot - Gordian Knot 1998

Glenn Snelwar - Reflections (1994 Demo)


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MessagePosté le: 16/07/2006 22:12:18    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant

I don't really know what to say, but it is very rare to find bands which play a very well worked music with a such diversity of influences that I liked too much , surly ,it will be a good pleasure to see you playing here in Morocco
thanks for this interesting interview and I hope you good luck in your future projects
Old TestAmenT

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woooooooow!!! nice interview , ohhh of metal's most creative composer .
my fav album is Torn Between Dimensions: At War With Self,brillant sound ...,one of the albums i hold very dear to me.the fans of Gordian knot will consider this album as a tremendous discovery, and i'm one of them Very Happy .
I could go on and on for hours talking about this album; the way that you play: beautifully, but without ever doing too much, or with the way the songs were composed, simply brilliant, or by the fluidity of the work, but nothing can equal the intense listening, no, I should say feeling, of the musical experience this trio gives me.
thakns MR.GLENN for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself.good luck on your future endeavors, keep us informed of how things are going,we love your music.......keep it coming!!!!! merci
greeting from Moroccan fan Twisted Evil
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MessagePosté le: 26/07/2006 21:47:02    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant

So thx so much GLENN for this interview it's was great and fantastic to doing interview with a member as you , i heard u album before (Torn Between Dimensions) i like it so much .

Gordian knot one from my favorit bands i like their sound it's was great projet with famous and great members they created music with the feeling that was from their experience in the bands before Gordian knot .

I hope seeing u someday here in morocco that will be great meeting a man as you dayakh
_________________ "Forum"
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MessagePosté le: 27/07/2006 12:31:17    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant

Thanx Mr Glenn ...or maybe i'd better say Sir Glenn Cause you really deserve this word Very Happy so i just want to thank you for this amazing interview and thanx for answering some questions that were a bit dim for us Wink
and i just want to ask you to think about playing in Morocco and take it too seriously Very Happy

Thanx Sir and Thanx Again....

hihihihih evil hihihihih evil hihihihih evil
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MessagePosté le: 28/07/2006 19:17:04    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant

At War With Self line up include an exceptionally talented musicians. Glenn Snelwar was known to me for his contributions with Gordian Knot together with Sean Malone, Mark Zonder who occupied the drum stool for the legendary progressive metal band "Fates Warning" and finnaly Michael Manring the fretless bass player who has appeared on over 100 studio projects, including recording and performing with "Michael Hedges" and "Attention Deficit".

The idea behind the first disc "Torn Between Dimensions" is to create compositions that have an intensity of emotion and incorporate a wide variety of influences. Derived from an equal passion for progressive rock and metal bands such as King Crimson, Voivod and Pink Floyd.

The end result, this is a great sound that incorporate many influences, and The first record is a masterpiece and a must for all progressive lovers Very Happy

Thanks Sir Glenn for your time, we appreciate that and hopefully to you soon in our country.

Greeting from your Biggest Supporter hihihihih evil
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MessagePosté le: 29/07/2006 12:42:49    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant

Good Job Griffith !!
Thanks a lot Glenn for your time ! I like all your projects (with Gordian Knot, S.M...)
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phantom of the opera
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MessagePosté le: 11/08/2006 18:07:38    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant

Thanks MR glenn for your time , trust me this is the best interview that i've ever seen, I really appreciated yout work with Sean Malone and ecpecially your At War With Self , Thanks again and you're welcome man at anytime you want, we hope you tour here in on the back of the Acts OF God.

Greeting From Morocco merci
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You couldn't stay
You need a change of heart
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MessagePosté le: 06/11/2006 14:09:26    Sujet du message: Glenn Snelwar Interview Répondre en citant


I'm happy to announce that the second album of Glenn's project At War With Self - Acts of God - will be released early next year.

For Acts of God, Glenn asked me to do drums for two of the more heavy instrumental tracks. Other major contributions to these tracks were made by Damon Trotta. Here are the preview versions:

More information on Acts of God and a full length download of the song "Threads" is available on Glenn's Website You are welcome to check these out!

Manfred Dikkers.

Press biography AT WAR WITH SELF - ACTS OF GOD

At War With Self sounds more like a psychological diagnosis than a band... an appropriate description in the biography for the debut of the project and its first release, Torn Between Dimensions, led by Glenn Snelwar (Gordian Knot), featuring Michael Manring (Michael Hedges, Attention Defecit) and Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Temple Within). The instrumental trio created an amalgam of tight-knit compositions encompassing progressive rock, metal, jazz, ambient and classical stylings, often within the boundaries of each composition. The end result was critically acclaimed and continues to grow a following as word of mouth of the project expands.

For Acts of God, the second release from the At War With Self project, Snelwar has desired to create a set of compositions with the intentions of living up to the label 'progressive' by dramatically changing almost every facet of the project while staying true to the underlying inspiration of the project's inception - to combine disparate styles and create music with no boundaries. No better choice than Damon Trotta as a co-writer and bassist to create what is sure to be as intriguing a release as Torn Between Dimensions. Trotta's background ranges from co-founder of metal acts Non-Fiction and System Addict, to the funk outfit Vehicle and has worked with the likes of Bernie Worell and Isaac Hayes. Prior to that, Snelwar and Trotta were in a progressive hardcore/metal trio with Rodney Zodda. Trotta, Snelwar and Zodda on percussion are here and back to their roots, with some added influences. With Trotta on bass, vocals, synths and programming and Snelwar on guitars, mandolin and synths, the duo is assisted by Sluggo's Goon Music labelmates James vonBuelow (guitars), Steve Decker (drums), Mark Sunshine(vocals), Dave Archer (synths) and Manfred Dikkers (drums) to create some truly stunning, inspired progressive music.

Torn Between Dimensions had a warm, organic feel as the all-instrumental interplay of Snelwar, Manring and Zonder created a complex, but introspective, set of related compositions. For Acts of God, that introspection is turned outward in the form of a cold stare at conflicts and resolutions prompted by recent world events. From the intensity and imagery-invoking 911 and Martyr, to the elated solace present in No Place and Ursa 5, to the desolation of End in Blue and Refugee, Acts of God has managed to strike a balance of emotions that once again run the gamut from elation and warmth to fear and horror.

Snelwar describes his collaboration with Trotta as the latest incarnation of At War With Self: "What's so amazing to me about Acts of God is that the vocals lend themselves perfectly to this set of compositions. To change focus from an all-instrumental project to a set of songs mostly containing vocals has strengthened the idea that At War With Self can successfully morph, live up to its name and push the boundaries from one release to the next. That, together with the heavy intertwining of funk and electronic styles with metal and progressive ideas really make this something unique - add to that the ability to get all of the musicians from the label to contribute tremendously in their own way without limitations on what they do - who all come from different backgrounds with vastly different styles - the project took on a life of it's own, yet stayed true to the original idea of combining disparate styles effectively and with incredible intensity.

Acts of God will be released early 2007, on Sluggo's Goon Music.

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Thanks Manfred for announcing this great news, I've already checked those previews Great job man, Can't wait to hear the entire record^^

Ps: I loved so much your drum playing in ATM Project and The Kolios Project^^
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